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Milk Bath Maternity Session | Lubbock | Dallas | Fort Worth | Newborn & Maternity Photographer

Im so excited to FINALLY be blogging! Its something Ive planned on starting for a while now, but finding the time has been rather difficult. It seems like a pattern, that artists are rather "scatter brained"... So forgive me. I will probably have several points with a winding road to get there.

Have I mentioned how rewarding my job is? I've recently shot my first milk bath maternity session. This sweet mama has suffered with infertility and I couldn't be more in love with how her session turned out! When she viewed my sneak peak of her session, she was quick to let me know I had her in tears! Not only is my job fun and exciting, with the creative juices flowing... It is insanely rewarding! To be chosen to be the one who documents this incredibly significant and beautiful time in a mother's life... I really have no words for how it feels. But its amazing!

She mentioned how she hadn't planned on really taking any maternity photos. I completely get that! I gained a significant amount of weight during my pregnancy and the last thing I felt like doing was documenting it! And guess what?! Yep.. I completely regret it!

So if you are expecting, or maybe you're not but plan on having kids in the future. No matter what size. No matter the struggle. Document it! You'll only regret the pictures you didn't take.

xo kristen

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